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Once upon a time, a husband stood in the kitchen having a happy conversation with his wife, while watching her prepare dinner. She cut both ends off the beef roast before she put it into her roasting pan. Puzzled, he asked her why she did that. She replied she had always done it, and she never really thought about it, because her mother always did it.

Now even more curious, he asked her to call her mother and ask why she did it. The woman called her mother, who said she had always done it, and she never really thought about it, because her mother always did it. Now the wife was intrigued. She called her grandmother to inquire about this beef preparation procedure.

Her grandmother replied that when she first married her grandfather, they were very poor and she could afford only one small roasting pan. Whenever they were fortunate enough to have a beef roast, she would cut off the ends to make it fit into her pan.

TRUTH: Many of us are living and of course parenting according to part or all of a philosophy that no longer applies to our current life.

It is amazing and instructive how confidently but ignorantly; we have made peculiar naïve experiences of many generations into principles that drive the way we parent.

Every so often, I have found it helpful to look at where my philosophies and ideologies come from—the assumptions I hold dear about life needs auditing time and again. A case for the continuous re-evaluation of the philosophies, methods and practices that guide our outlook and conduct can hardly be defeated.

Our life must be lived to continuously prove our assumptions are not out-dated and out of tune with new realities. Naturally, we are all prone to innate tendencies that compel us to sustain patterns of thinking and behaviour that are often not at all reasoned. We walk, talk, dress and carry out most of our activities unpremeditated.

Sometimes, we do have a basis, only that the basis once existed in an all but vanished world. This is true for almost every area of human life including parenting.

Unknown to many, parenting is actually defined through age 1 to 6, established by age 12, and concluded by age 18. What is true is that parenting is pretty much a 19 year exercise, with 9 months of it in the womb. Any act of parenting after 19 years, is damage control.

This is the ideal; and this is the new ground for global competitiveness for governments and nations across the globe. It is also true that there is no such thing as a stubborn child, only ignorant parents—the crisis of parenting is actually the crisis of the nation.

‘OUT OF THE BOX™ PARENTING’ as documented by Praise Fowowe is a story of what civilization should be in this age and time. It is the very type of material intentionally documented to empower parents of the 21st Century and beyond to effectively and adequately take a credible stake under the sun and respond intelligently with God-given brains to everyday challenges of contemporary life.

I advise that you not only read the book, but most critically, permit the content therein to lead you to that honest self-evaluation that can birth the human happiness and meaning the world indeed deserves. You are the OUT OF THE BOX™ PARENT the world desperately needs.

O L A K U N L E A  S O R I Y A N
Summer 2018


CHAPTER 1: Ignorance

CHAPTER 2: Discovery

CHAPTER 3: Path to Healing

CHAPTER 4: Changing the Filters


CHAPTER 5: Who Is A Child?

CHAPTER 6: Your Want v. His Need

CHAPTER 7: Every child is unique

CHAPTER 8: The Forerunner

CHAPTER 9: Help! Scriptwriters Wanted


CHAPTER 10: The seed environment

CHAPTER 11: Family systems

CHAPTER 12: Creating an ideal family atmosphere


CHAPTER 13: The seed owner

CHAPTER 14: Who is a godly child?

CHAPTER 15: Can you deliver our world?

Praise Fowowe

In our quest to raise good, or what we call godly children, we eventually raise a child that is obedient and never argues with his parents. Like the old Sunday school song we sang as kids, “Make me a good child like Samuel.”

Unknown to us, “Don’t argue with parents” was the epitaph on the tombstone of our ferocious curiosity and ultimately, innovation because if we could no longer argue, how then could we create new things?

So while many parents in some other culture raise their children to take over the world, we often raise our children to use what other cultures create and we get excited at the ability of our children to secure a job in the organisations they have created.

And true to type, our children function well to build those organizations by being obedient and not arguing with their superiors even though they may never rise to influence decision making.

Praises for the Book

Yinka Ogunde

One of the greatest problems facing us today is the challenge of raising children in a world that is totally different from the one we were raised in. The book starts with an interesting story.

Praise and his friends wanted to find a way of generating enough money to have a sumptuous meal. They decided to gamble at a Casino and the author who happens to be the son of a well respected Reverend was recognized by someone.

This was enough to get the young boy scurrying back home in tears. That back then was community parenting. Unfortunately rules have changed, lifestyle has changed and each nuclear family must study and understand parenting in order to make sense of it.

This book lives up to its name “out of the box parenting”. It challenges, it engages and it sets everyone thinking till you get your Eureka moment.
This is a time that calls for a new way of thinking.

It is the time for Intentional parenting. It is not the time to experiment especially with First-borns.

This is a parenting book that will certainly help all parents achieve better results.

I congratulate Praise for doing such an awesome job. His commitment and determination to transform the parenting landscape across Africa is commendable.

Dr. Princess Olufemi-Kayode Child Protection Advocate

This book, Out of Box Parenting will churn status quo and revolutionalise the ancient ideologies of raising children globally. Be ready for a life transforming major shift and change in your entire mindset. Parenting can’t be the same again. Humanity will honour you for this. Thanks Praise Fowler for unrelenting drive to see a world where redefined families will greatly impact every sphere of society. You have to read it to experience it. This book is loaded.

Chinonso Ogbogu Executive Director, The Incubators Academy

I am confident this work would inspire many parents to rethink parenting for the good of their families and society at large.

Do accept my kind regards.

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